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Silver Edge College

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Your invitation to hear an entertaining, informative presentation followed by a friendly exchange of news and views over a cup of coffee and cookies.


Silver Edge College comes to your retirement community.


Relax! All of our presentations take place in the comfort of your community. Join old and new friends who are interested in exploring the world of knowledge and exchanging news and views.


Silver Edge College belongs to you so tell us what topics you want to hear more about.


When you sign up for a semester, feel free to leave a message about a topic of interest to you. We will endeavor to include it in a future presentation for you and your friends to enjoy

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'News and Views'


'Ripped from the Headlines!' Your invitation to join in a friendly exchange of views about one of today's popular news items. Our discussions last as long as you want or until the cookies run out!


What can I expect?


Each class lasts no more than 45 minutes. We get the ball rolling with our popular 'Guess that piece of music' segment.

The presentation itself includes  your personal, clearly written 'cliff notes' to follow along and we love to stop along the way to discuss anything that comes to mind about the topic. After all,this is your college.


Everyone graduates!


Each semester is 6 weeks, usually two classes a month. To mark our final session together, you will receive a framed certificate and the much-sought-after

'Silver Edge' pen to share with your family and friends as a thank you for your valued participation and an invitation to join us next semester.




For more information, please contact your Activities Director or
e-mail us at mysecnow@gmail.com
We would love to be part of your community.

Call us: 727-265-1424

     E-mail: mysecnow@gmail.com

Amazing how communication has changed through the centuries. Or has it?



It was all fun and games as we remembered classic sports events & discovered new facts about some of our most popular board games.

How about a fun tour of those lesser known, unheralded events that influenced world history too.

Our musical series was a huge hit as we welcomed members of the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra to perform excerpts from some notable Tchaikovsky and Beatles classics.

We're never too old to learn


That's true. But we also have a lifetime of knowledge and experiences to share too. Silver Edge College provides that unique opportunity to do both.


Do you have the Silver Edge?(c)